The Prairie House | design + build

The Prairie House is a Bauhaus Design + Build custom home located in Lucas, TX that is neatly placed in the middle of a lush 3 acre lot. Thick trees hide the front elevation from the street and the house reveals itself as you make your way down the long winding drive. The front conceals the expansive prairie views until you pass through the large orange entry door. The sunken living room is carefully positioned between the stairs and the double height glass facade to create an intimate space within this grand volume. The dining room and kitchen are then placed in a linear row to establish a horizontal openness to match the expansive ceiling. The entirety of these living spaces are visually open to the prairie through an almost fully transparent wall. The master retreat also resides on the first floor, hidden behind the living room fireplace where a massive bedroom and closet flank the master bathroom and outdoor sauna. The second level contains an additional three bedrooms, a second living space, a roof deck, and a theater. The interior material palette is appropriated from the existing surrounding context as selected wood grains and natural stone accent the clean white finishes.

Location: Lucas, TX | Phase: Completed 2018 | Size: 6,000 SF | Design Team: Marc Kleinmann | Construction Manager: Julian LaTorre