The Jetsetter | design + build

The Jetsetter is a Bauhaus Design + Build custom home located in Dallas, TX that revolves around a central focal point, the sky blue pool. Once you pass through the bright orange entry door you are greeted by this pool through large clear glass windows which allow sunlight to pour into the primary circulation space. As you turn into the grand hallway you are presented with two options; to continue into the open luxurious public spaces which are strategically placed around the pool, or scale the open steel staircase and ascend to the bedroom level. The public spaces in this home are highlighted by direct views to the pool and an abundance of sunlight creating an optimal environment for entertaining, while the private rooms are positioned to the street sides of the home and distinguished with punched openings to clearly delineate social and resting spaces. The exterior uses three simple primary materials, white stucco, wood, and glass. The interior design on the other hand offers a more luxurious palette of dark woods, steel, accent tiles, and patterns.

Location: Dallas, TX | Phase: Completed 2017 | Size: 5,000 SF | Design Team: Marc Kleinmann | Photography: Costa Christ


“Party Central,” Modern Luxury, April 2018