Inspired by our commitment to the Bauhaus principals of unifying art, craft, and technology, we created an integrated approach to project collaboration. Ideal for growing families and busy professionals, The Bauhaus Experience is an engaging and comprehensive system designed for our clients and industry partners. Forefront industry knowledge and vested efficiency practices are tactfully implemented by our team of unified design experts and construction professionals. We optimize productivity with communication applications, virtual modeling and financial and scheduling analytics to skillfully streamline each custom home design.  


"Building a home is a great investment — financially and emotionally," says Bauhaus Custom Homes founder, Marc Kleinmann. "We want each project to be a partnership with our clients. They're inviting us into their homes when it's just a vision; we want to honor that invitation with commitment and understanding."


As a process-oriented team, the Bauhaus Custom Homes team is devoted to making your project rewarding from concept to completion.


Throughout the design phase and into construction, we equip our clients with industry and company approved platforms and applications that help streamline the communication process. Communication and clarity are essential for a successful partnership. The rapidity and reliability of the digital practices we integrate into our workflow keep clients thoroughly engaged in each stage of design and informed with the most up-to-date progress in the construction field.


Comprehensive 3d model

Advanced 3D and VR modeling detailed with selected finish materials help our design team and engineers to create a comprehensive digital building model of your custom home. The interactive home immersion experience gives clients a 3D walk-through of their home before final design and construction begins.



Maintaining a comprehensive project scope throughout the design and building stages allows Bauhaus Custom Homes to provide fixed cost budgets for our clients. Value engineering and material cost analysis are completed before construction begins to give clients and designers the opportunity to accommodate additional needs and evaluate necessary modifications. This budget approach keeps our clients and lenders fully informed of the financial scope, removes any assumptions as the project progresses, and reduces schedule delays.



The Bauhaus team is rigorously structured to guide our clients through the different steps of custom home building and renovations.  Every phase of design and construction is programmed before we start each process. Our detailed planning and selection process, as well as integrated scheduling methods, assure that build times are acutely optimized. Gantt charts and critical path scheduling is used to ensure we can build your home timely and within your budget. The construction scheduling process is a critical part of our integrated project management system. Client, engineers, trade contractors, and suppliers are all tied into the same system to carefully manage scheduling, selections, and communication.