BAUHAUS CUSTOM HOMES is a design firm and custom home builder dedicated to creating authentic and sustainable architectural styles for modern homes and CONTEMPORARY estates. following the German Bauhaus principles of unifying art, craft, and technology, we build with integrity and design intelligent homes to complement lifestyles and establish comfortable, and sophisticated environments for our clients. 


The function and flow of your life is an art in itself and must be the through-line of your home. Profound design and distinguished architectural styles are created from a keen understanding of each clients needs and in that, is the art of a beautiful home. 

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Forward thinking partnered with traditional practices that have stood the test of time are the fundamentals of our craft. Bauhaus designs and builds with sustainability and integrity at its core; creating homes that honor the standards of luxurious environments and implement the advances in building science. 


From 3D modeling to real-time notifications on job-sites, our projects are streamlined by the connectedness of technology. We integrate the latest architectural modeling tools with modern communication applications and devices to optimize client engagement while your home comes to fruition.