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BUILDING A HOME is many families single greatest investment. As an environment created unique to your lifestyle, it's important this home is built to last. The Bauhaus construction team works closely with clients and design professionals throughout the design process to provide the knowledgeable and skilled direction needed to ensure the structure and subsequent construction procedures are precise and successfully completed. Our experienced construction management and architectural specialists excel in structural, mechanical and electrical evaluations.  Our clients: busy professionals, growing families, and empty-nesters, find peace and comfort in a reliable home, built to endure its value.






Our pre-construction approach begins in the design phase. Partnering with architects and the Bauhaus Design Team we define an accurate project scope with respect to cost, quality, and time of construction, all of which are essential to the project's successful completion.

Innovative industry technologies are an integral part of the pre-construction process. Site and scale analysis, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and value engineering all determine the course of our construction strategy and execution. This holistic approach within the design phase is paramount to the integrity of the construction process and the longevity of your home.


Concise, quality and efficient construction begins in the design phase. As your home evolves from an idea to a concept, we are partnered with architects, engineers, and field experts to ensure your home is topographically, seasonally, and structurally invulnerable. 


BIM allows us to generate complete 3D models of our client's home. Designers and engineers’ specifications are combined to give a comprehensive, structurally-sound, virtual look at your home.





Value Engineering

Lumber, plumbing, windows, finish materials, and other building commodities determine the quality, reliability, efficiency, and longevity of your home. Specifications and document review by field engineers, project managers and trade experts are instrumental in this process. The careful attention to design coupled with materials analysis helps us strategically value engineer your home.





The construction process is completely streamlined; from foundation to finish selections, our scheduling techniques keep construction on-time and established trade relationships keep craftsmanship at its highest standards. 


The team at BMC Lumber have pioneered Ready-Frame techniques for custom homes in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Enhancing framing precision, efficiency and eliminating excessive construction waste, manufactured framing components improve framing quality and help qualify our homes for green-building certification. Bauhaus Custom Homes was the first custom home builder to implement Ready-Frame practices in the Dallas building community.


Trusted partners combined with advanced building analytics give our clients reliable construction timelines. Serving the Dallas home building community for over a decade has helped us foster strong, reliable relationships with industry trades and craftsmen. Bauhaus Custom Homes teams with sub-contractors who are dedicated to their craft and honor the scheduling commitments we make to our clients.

Years of experience and industry analytics led us to this streamlined approach to construction for well-built projects completed on time and on budget. We are dedicated to hyper-focusing and structuring each of our client’s projects effectively and efficiently. 

Proper planning and scheduling is essential in executing a well-managed, quality custom home project. Construction timelines are estimated through this combination of:

  • Trusted Partners

  • Comprehensive Design

  • Accurate Construction Scheduling

Every phase of construction is programmed before we begin new home and renovation construction. Our detailed planning and selection process, as well as integrated scheduling methods, ensure that build times are acutely optimized. Gantt charts and critical path scheduling are used to ensure we can build your home on time and within your budget. The construction scheduling process is a critical part of our integrated project management system. Client, engineers, trade contractors, and suppliers are all tied into the same system to carefully manage scheduling, selections, and communications.


We are your neighbors' neighbor before you move-in. Bauhaus Custom Homes maintains strictly organized and clean job sites. The circulation of trades, deliveries, and day-to-day operations to and from the job site requires orderly and systematic site management. To optimize trade productivity and keep your site neighborhood-friendly, our construction managers and project managers develop systematic plans for commissioned sub-contractors that enhance their on-site work and honor our property preservation procedures.





Bauhaus Custom Homes is committed to building a strong, long-lasting partnerships with each of our clients. We understand moving into your new home marks a new phase of this relationship. We provide an extended warranty program and keep communication at the forefront with our post-construction commitments.