Bauhaus' Design Team creates spaces that honor each client's lifestyle and vision.  From function and flow to facade and finishes, we collaborate with our clients on the necessities and the nuances of their dream home. Like our construction process, we take a streamlined approach through the design stages to establish key benchmarks, clear timelines, and above all, gain a keen understanding of your future home. 

Bauhaus Custom Homes specializes in designing high-performance, luxury homes. Created for comfort and energy efficiency, our houses are built to last and continually score higher energy ratings, reducing long-term cost.

Building a luxury, high-performance home does not mean spending more money or compromising on material selections. It is about building a comfortable, healthy, low-maintenance residence and, at the same time, energy efficient home. We can create custom home designs of any architectural style, and tailor them to site and climate conditions. Read more about our green practices here


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